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Radiant Readings - Tarot / Oracle

video- spirit guided tarot / oracle reading

As an Intuitive, Psychic empath I am able to tune into your energies and give you a very unique, personalized card reading along with channeled messages from your spirit guides, higher self and divine counterpart if you are on a twin flame journey.

Twin Flame Reading

delivered within 7 days

Energy Check in to see where the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are at and how they are seeing each other in the 3D and 5D- current energies for your connection and possible future energies

Soulmate / General Love Reading

delivered within 7 days

This energy check in is for those who have a Soulmate connection or looking for general love guidance- direction. I will check in with both energy and probable outcome.

General Reading / Messages from your Spirit Guides

delivered within 7 days

This reading is if you are looking for general guidance- direction on whats to come, such as new job, travel, are you on the right path- what do your spirit guides want you to know.

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