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What is a Twin Flame and how can Reiki help heal the Twin Flame Connection

Twin Flame Reiki Energy Healing & Chakra Clearing / Balancing is important for you Inner Healing Journey to Balance Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Energy Within Yourself - Your Divine Counterpart Connection. 

Twin Flame is a very unique connection that you have with someone who is your perfect complement, your mirror twin soul in a way. Some say that we were once one soul divided, others say we were always whole and complete but perfect pairs.  The one thing that most agree on is that the two souls are very spiritually connected, there have been many lifetimes together and that you both are from the same star system. Cut from the same cloth as some say. 

Twin Flames are composed of a Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy, typically of opposite gender but either can have the masculine or feminine energy. 

A Twin Flame connection is unlike any other connection you can imagine and for those that are new to the term or dont understand it, it can be very confusing or overwhelming. Most people just wont even understand it unless it happens to them. 

When you first meet this person you will feel like you have known them forever and you feel very comfortable with them.  Your souls recognize each other. You will most likely have met by chance that was actually a fated meeting and it happens when you least expect it. 

You feel an unconditional love for them and not ever sure why at first. It just feels good to be talking and open with them. 

There are different stages of Twin Flame Union and it can get extremely emotional at times. In the beginning the connection is amazing and you cant even describe it, it just feels right. You may not even have had a sexual encounter, but the connection was there. But it gets overwhelming and scary as well, they are always in your thoughts and you cant seem to understand what is happening. 

The masculine energy will get scared and become a runner, while the female energy wants to feel that love all the time, they are the more spiritually awakened of the two and relies on instinct and impulse and they understand the sanctity and sacredness of the divine union. The Feminine can feel devastated when the masculine runs from being stuck too much in the ego mind and not logically understanding why they have such intense feelings before. Deep down in their soul they feel it but their heart chakra is closed at the moment. 

During the Separation phase both are working on their own personal growth and development journey. As the entire purpose of the Twin Flame connection is for each to become the best version of themselves. There is usually a great deal of emotional clearing for both to work on so that they can come together with high self love to match the unconditional love they have for each other.

During the physical seperation and little to no communication they will always be thinking of the other, wanting the connection, doubting the connection, obsessing over the connection, fearing the connection, and the Feminine will be working hard to clear and heal self doubts while the masculine tries to hide the feelings with his job or career. 

As the Feminine is doing healing work on her self esteem and learning about the spiritual connection it is slowly healing the masculine as well as he works on himself. 

Through all this time they are still energetically connected in higher dimensions, their higher selves are in communication and Spirit is helping heal the emotions to bring them back together. 


Whether or not a romantic connection comes about, the feeling of the connection forces each to want to work on themselves to become in line with their souls mission. They came together here on Earth for a reason. 

Twin Flames learn Patience, Having Faith and Unconditional love for yourself and each other. 

Where Reiki comes in is during the separation phase and working on healing the chakras and coming in line with your higher calling and life purpose. 

Reiki and Chakra Clearing, Especially when your chakras do come into balance, then working on opening up the Heart Chakra is key to the Divine Union. 

Because Reiki heals the Energy in your Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions it is also trickling into healing your divine partners energy as well, just not as strong as yours but on an energetic level they will start to feel it more and more. 

As a Twin Flame, Reiki Master I understand completely the process of what my clients are going through. As am empath while during Reiki sessions I can feel what you are feeling, where your blocks are and help by clearing the stagnant energy from closed chakras and move the energy of the chakras that have more energy attention. Sometimes during sessions Spirit guides come through and give messages or validation as well. 

When you and your divine partner are having high energetic connections I may feel both your energy and theirs.


Every session is different each time as new areas are getting healed and cleared like peeling layers of an onion to get to the heart. 


I also follow up with Affirmations and ways you can do your own healing with Ho'Oponopono as well and am here for you on every step of your journey to Twin Flame Union.  

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